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Windows 11 Project is Underway

Microsoft has come out with a new operating system, Windows 11. They are scheduled to stop supporting Windows 10 with security updates and patches in October of 2025. At that point, we will no longer allow any computers running that operating system on our network because it would be too much of a security risk.

We are working at a measured pace to upgrade all computers to Windows 11 between now and then. All new computers purchased at this point are running Windows 11.

We still have about 18,000 computers to upgrade over the next two years. Many of these, approximately 6,000, will refresh naturally as they age out and are replaced with computers that have Windows 11 preinstalled.  For the remaining 12,000 computers, which are compatible with Windows 11 and not slated to be replaced anytime soon, we will schedule and perform upgrades. We will be sending instructions to employees to help them understand what to expect with the upgrade. The impact to employees should generally be minimal, but a reboot will be required once the upgrade is complete.  We will be staggering the upgrade schedule so as not to overwhelm support staff, and to schedule the upgrades as conveniently as possible for agencies.

You can see more information about the project here.