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Virtru Chrome Extension will be rolled out December 15

The State of Utah uses Virtru to encrypt emails. Encryption of email messages protects the content from being read by entities other than the intended recipients. DTS is rolling out the Virtru Chrome extension statewide on December 15 to make using email encryption easier.

The Virtru extension is only used in Chrome.

For Windows Computers:

DTS will be auto installing the Virtru extension to your computer on December 15. You will see a window pop up asking you to ‘Enable Extension’. IMPORTANT: PLEASE CLICK THE BLUE “ENABLE EXTENSION” BUTTON!! View further instructions here.

For Mac Computers:
The extension will not automatically install. You will need to install it on December 15. View installation instructions here.

If you do not currently need to send encrypted email, please install the extension. After it is installed, you can simply keep the toggle in the off position.

For any questions or issues regarding installation and activation, please contact the DTS Help Desk at and click on ‘Get Help’.