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Utah Reference Network (TURN) mentioned in The American Surveyor Magazine

AGRC’s Utah Reference Network (TURN) was recently highlighted in the American Surveyor Magazine. View the article here.

The TURN GPS Network serves Utah and some areas of surrounding states with 95 sensors. A GPS network is a high-precision global navigation satellite system (GNSS) providing real-time corrections and data for post processing. A GNSS network consists of permanently located GPS receivers, installed across an area, that generate real-time, high-accuracy GPS positioning. Basically, all of the permanently installed GPS receivers send their data to a central system via the internet. This central system analyzes the input and adjusts and corrects the data to provide the most accurate locations, usually down to centimeter level. Our networks use the Trimble PIVOT VRS Platform. The generated data is sent from the GPS receiver to the GPS reference network through a wireless connection using the Networked Transport of RTCM via Internet Protocol (NTRIP).