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Utah Receives “A” Grade in Government Technology Survey

The Center for Digital Government announced today the state of Utah again topped the Digital States Survey.  Conducted every two years, the Survey is the most comprehensive review of best practices, policies, and progress made by state governments in their use of digital technologies to serve residents and streamline operations.  

Over the past two years, Utah has continued to emphasize improvements in core technologies that support the delivery of digital services. Network improvement, increased collaboration, and enhanced information security have all helped ensure the reliable delivery of digital services to Utah businesses and citizens. Many services are available to mobile users as part of the state’s mobile strategy.

State Chief Information Officer, Michael Hussey, has overseen a continuing effort to get the most out of state tax dollars by supporting over 1,200 online services, making it easier for Utah citizens and businesses to interact with government.  

Utah is one of only five states in the country to receive an “A” grade in this year’s Digital States Survey.  An “A” grade represents states that have demonstrated results in all categories of the study, including data management, policy alignment, adaptive leadership, citizen engagement, and innovation. According to the Center, top states use modernization to realize operational efficiencies and achieve strategic priorities under nimble leaders.  

In addition, Utah earned five Digital States Category Awards in the following areas:

1st Place: Citizen Engagement

1st Place: Transportation

2nd Place: Adaptive Leadership

3rd Place: Public Safety

5th Place: Health and Human Services