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Updated Process to Purchase Microsoft and Adobe Software Products

We recently made changes to the procurement process for Microsoft and Adobe products (MLA software). 

Additional required fields have been added to the MLA software requests to ensure that the software is getting to the right user on the right machine in a timely manner. Providing correct information when placing orders is imperative to ensure that software isn’t installed incorrectly, to avoid any delays in getting the software, and to ensure correct tracking/allocation of software.

Please see the following for further information and instructions:

Please be aware:
  • Stock purchases must only be used when an agency does not know where the software is going, but is needing to purchase the software. Any stock purchases will be listed as available software to use and will not be installed after procurement without a separate request sent to
  • Do not choose incorrect devices as the software will be installed on and the license allocated to the user/machine specified. 
  • If you cannot find a device, please reach out to for assistance. If a device is not assigned to the correct user, please work with DTS to make the correction.