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Updated Network Services Product Description

DTS has updated the Network Services Product Description to include wireless services. View the product description here.

Wireless Services

Effective Nov. 1, 2017, DTS will provide the following wireless services. For larger buildings, DTS will cover the cost of wireless access points for coverage in main front lobby areas and primary conference rooms.  If the agency desires coverage for other employee work areas, private offices, and secondary conference rooms, the agency will have to purchase the necessary access points. For small office buildings (under 30 employees), DTS will provide up to four (4) access points for wireless coverage.  For medium size buildings containing more than 30 and  up to approximately 100 employees, DTS will provide up to 12 wireless access points. For large buildings containing over 100 employees, DTS will provide up to 20 wireless access points. For multi-agency buildings, wireless access points will be assigned proportionately per number of employees each agency has in the building.

Requests for additional wireless access points beyond the standard will require a business justification and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Requests for all wireless installations should be completed via the online form on DTS’ website. Requests for exceptions outside of the standard offering above can be submitted via the same form. (With the justification for non-standard exception filled in).

For those agencies wishing to purchase additional access points, beyond the standard, a request can be made via the same online form with the authorization for additional charges completed.*

*Charges for additional access points, beyond the standard, will be billed via an SBA and will include: 

  •  The cost of the Access point(s).
  •  Any additional hardware and wiring required to accommodate those access points.
  •  Yearly maintenance cost.
  •  Replacement cost (at 5 years or at the request of the customer).
  •  Associated labor for installations and replacements.