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Updated Correspondence Retention Schedule

The Division of Archives recently sent the following message:

The new State Records Management Committee approved a 7-year retention for state government routine administrative correspondence on November 18, which went into effect immediately. 


This is one of three general retention schedules for your agency’s email, instant messages, texts, and other forms of correspondence; the other two are for transitory email and executive email.


DTS is working to implement these retention schedules for all state agencies and will contact you shortly with further details.

What you need to know: as explained in our Email Management Guideline, some of your emails need to be kept longer than 7 years because they document significant government processes and should be maintained according to the retention schedules governing the other records that document those processes. For example, correspondence that is part of an active case file or a personnel file need to be kept as long as the case file. Also, email involving an audit or legislation–whether active or anticipated–should not be deleted. You will need to identify emails that need to be kept longer than 7 years, assign them a label, and work with your IT Directors to request different retention rules for the emails with that label.