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UGRC Contributes to Broadband Efforts in Utah

The FCC is putting together a new, more detailed map with locations to identify where broadband service is offered. This map will serve as the new foundation for broadband analysis, policy, and grant distribution. Individual states were offered the chance to submit corrections and updates based on their local knowledge. 

The Utah Geospatial Resource Center (UGRC) worked with the Utah Broadband Center to help individual counties prepare submissions by handling all of the data formatting and validation steps as well as the actual submission to the FCC. This allowed the counties to spend their valuable and limited time focusing on the things that they are the authoritative source for—apartment numbers, incorrect addresses, new development, etc. The data coming from counties is aggregated by the UGRC and stored in the State Geographic Information Database (SGID). This coordinated effort means Utah will get its fair share of the funding and be able to distribute it to where it will make the biggest impact.

Thanks to the hard work of the participating counties, UGRC, and the Utah Broadband Center, Utah had by far the most corrections accepted by the FCC from any state. We added 24,598 residences that weren’t included (“Missing broadband serviceable location”) and corrected the addresses of 23,491 residences already included (“Incorrect primary address”).