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Salesforce Developer Day is September 29

When: September 29, 2021
Where: Online live (Google Meet)
Intended audience: YOU! (Anyone curious about Salesforce, current developers on other platforms and frameworks, leadership and executives, anyone).
How do I sign up?: Fill out this Google Form

Salesforce is a platform upon which state agencies can build information systems that deliver value to the agency and ultimately the people of Utah at a higher pace and without concern for the underlying infrastructure. Platforms are an important part of the future of information systems, and at DTS, we help support over 20 Salesforce instances!

Because of its “no code / low code” approach, anyone can build powerful applications on the Salesforce platform. Join us for the Salesforce Developer Day and event, and discover just how easy–and fun–it is to build real applications that deliver real value using Salesforce.

We look forward to seeing you there.