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RSA Mobile App is Changing to SecurID

The RSA mobile application is changing and will have a brand new look and feel. It will now be called SecurID. The app will be updating automatically. This is already in the process of happening, and you may already have the new app.

You do not need to do anything and should just await the new update. The token will transition over automatically as your mobile device updates. Please do not uninstall and reinstall the new app.

The new app has a new name – SecurID – and a new icon in the Apple and Google Play app stores.
Old Token App Icon New Token App Icon
old token jewel.png  icon-securid-white-ios-180x180.png


This example shows the tokencode display when you authenticate to the client application:

Old Tokencode Display New Tokencode Display
old token display.png Screenshot_1620843085_1.png


If you need help, please contact DTS at