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New Utah Design System is Available

Over the past few months, DTS has worked with many agencies and stakeholders to create a State of Utah Design System for official websites and applications. You can access the System at The System is a resource to agencies and DTS may refer to when implementing new or upgrading websites and applications. It will help guide the State on the components needed to ensure accessibility, security, and other industry best practices. 

What is a Design System? The System is a collection of reusable user interface (UI) components, elements, patterns, and templates—guided by a complete set of clear standards and design principles based on industry best practices. 

Why do we have it? Utah State Code Subsection 63A-16-104 requires DTS and executive branch agencies to coordinate on the creation of a set of “basic website standards for agencies that address common design standards and navigation standards.” Suppose you are thinking of building a new website or application. In that case, you may refer to the System to ensure compliance with industry best practices, accessibility, security, and Utah Code Subsection 63A-16-104(10), Subsection 63A-16-209, and Administrative Rule R895-14

The System can help guide employees and agencies to:

  • Address issues with out-of-compliance websites (accessibility, acceptable practices & standards, etc.)
  • Minimize security risks (copycat/spoof websites, malicious domains, etc.)
  • Build websites and be confident that they’re using best practices
  • Easily implement the System using templates and provide code
  • Implement citizen-centric web design & use

How do we implement it? The System includes simple code for an agency site or application. This information can also be shared with vendors working on agency web assets. DTS can help implement the standards and answer any questions.We are here to help!

We hope this is a valuable resource for state agencies and DTS employees going forward. The DTS User Experience team can help provide guidance for your teams when launching new websites and applications.