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New Storage Solutions

DTS has two new storage solutions – a new Primary SAN Storage solution in the Salt Lake Data Center, and a new DTS Object Storage product, also known as private cloud storage. The Object Storage solution will be available soon. 

Primary SAN Storage

DTS Primary SAN Storage now resides on a Nimble Storage Adaptive Flash platform, providing DTS and state agencies fast and reliable storage with flash storage performance. The storage infrastructure lowers the storage capacity requirements, meets FIPS 140-2 compliance with AES-256 encryption at rest, and greatly reduces the storage datacenter footprint. These features provide DTS with the ability to reduce primary storage costs across all tiers of the DTS primary storage environment.

Migration from the old storage system not been disruptive and will be completed soon. The DTS teams have been working closely together to move all servers using this primary storage to the new environment, and the performance of the new storage is the same or greater than the older system.

DTS Object (Private Cloud) Storage

The DTS Hosting Object Storage product is a low-performance, unstructured data storage option available for low-access files such as long-term data archives, documents or logs generated and managed by applications, and audio/video/image files. The backend product implemented for this storage system is the Hitachi Content Platform (HCP). This storage solution utilizes scale-out commodity hardware rather than a magnetic tape infrastructure to assist with accessibility as well as reduced storage costs.

Object storage is not designed to be used as a high or mid-level storage performance tier. DTS customers should not consider the Hosting Object Storage solution for active database, application, or highly-accessed file services since there is additional overhead for every object read and write. However, the Hosting Object Storage service is a great solution for offloading inactive data for increased manageability and cost reduction.

There are several benefits to using the DTS private cloud storage solution over public cloud storage services (i.e. Amazon, Google, etc.):

  • The DTS solution does not include a fee for object GET/PUT requests or ingress bandwidth use.
  • Data transfer and storage security is controlled, accessed, and verified on local networks managed by DTS staff.
  • Local data transfer greatly reduces any potential impact to State of Utah Internet connectivity and related network infrastructure.

Object storage is different than a typical file service in that it stores files along with a variety of associated information as objects. The object metadata allows for improved policy-based data management. The data is stored across different storage media with the option to store it across different locations. This allows for the storage to be very scalable, resilient, and highly available, avoiding the need for data backup in many cases. The objects are also stored in such a way that they are accessible from any node in the object store, resulting in a private cloud storage solution available to DTS customers. All of these features make object storage a great solution for data archival and management.

Unlike most file storage services, objects are stored and accessed using web protocols. This simplifies unstructured data storage and access for many different application types, especially web applications. Due to this difference in access method, mapped drives to end-user desktops will not be available. Every effort should be made to manage the data using agency or enterprise applications that support object storage access. The selected DTS standard object storage access protocol is Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3).