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New Online Driver Exam Promotes Highway Safety

Last year the law changed for getting a driver’s license in Utah. Since the beginning of 2016, new drivers have been required to take a Highway and Safety Trends exam to receive a license. The new test is designed to teach young drivers about widespread traffic hazards and ultimately improve safety.

The exam is only available online and consists of questions covering driving safety topics and five major causes of traffic related deaths as identified by the Utah Highway Safety Office. There are four sections in this exam. Each section has 10 questions. Test takers can stop after any completed section and come back to the next section at any time and may be assisted and given help by anyone and are encouraged to use all resources to complete the exam.

In order to make it as easy as possible, the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Driver License Division made the test available online. The Driver License Division recently announced 13,191 new drivers have taken the exam this year.

Go to to take the exam.