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New Google Contacts

Over the next few months, Google will completely replace the old Google Contacts version with the new Contacts Preview. Google launched the new Contacts Preview in 2015 to provide a modern, smart, and quick contact management experience. As a result, the new Contacts Preview will replace the older version and will be the only Google Contacts version after February 12, 2019.

Known Implications

The new Contacts Preview will move and change some of the availability and location of features in the old Google Contacts. There will also be changes to the user interface giving it an updated look and feel.


The replacement process will take place in three stages.

Stage 1: New Contacts Enabled for Our Domain

On November 28, 2018, the new Contacts Preview will be enabled for our domain and users will have the ability to opt in. However, at this point the old Contacts version will still be the default for our domain.

Stage 2: New Contacts Made Default for Domain, with Option to Opt Out

On January 15, 2019, the new Contacts Preview will automatically become the default version in our domain. When this happens, all users still using the old Contacts version will be moved to the new Contacts Preview. Individual users will still be able to revert back to old Contacts version until Stage 3 of implementation.

Stage 3: All Users On New Contacts

On February 12, 2019, the old Contacts version will be turned off completely, and any remaining users will be moved to the new Contacts Preview. There will be no option to revert back to the old Contacts version.


Please contact the DTS Help Desk if you have any questions or need assistance. DTS contact information can be found at by clicking the Get Help link.