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New DTS Technical Bulletin: Microsoft Office Perpetual Purchases Discontinued

Effective immediately, DTS procurement services will no longer offer perpetual versions of Microsoft Office on the DTS catalog. Executive branch agencies are expected to purchase Microsoft Office365 user-based subscriptions to fulfill their Office software needs. All Microsoft perpetual items in the ServiceNow software catalog will be removed and only the Office365 version will remain.

DTS will be coordinating with agencies to remove all unsupported versions of Microsoft Office from state owned devices.

In the event a device-based version of Microsoft Office is required for a business process, rather than a user-based subscription, an email must be sent to with a justification as to why this is needed. . If an individual needs to maintain the current unsupported license (i.e. MS 2010), an exception request must be submitted to DTS enterprise security using the DTS Form 525 Security Risk Acceptance Request (select ‘Vulnerability Risk Acceptance’). Please note that device-based licensing will require documented justification to meet the standard for approval.

Switching to a subscription-based licensing model reduces:

  • Time spent by agency personnel in finding and tracking Office licenses
  • Security vulnerabilities associated with software going end of life (EOL)
  • Compliance/audit findings


Office Version Can I still purchase? Allowed on the State Network? Supported by DTS? Microsoft Extended Support End Date
Office XP No No No July 12, 2011
Office 2003 No No No April 8, 2014
Office 2007 No No No October 10, 2017
Office 2010 No No No October 13, 2020
Office 2013 No Yes Yes April 11, 2023
Office 2016 No Yes Yes October 14, 2025
Office 2019 No Yes Yes October 14, 2025
Office 2021 With Approved Use Case Yes Yes TBD
Office 365 Yes Yes Yes Never
Note: DTS will support existing MS Office installations until they reach end of life. Once software reaches end of life it is no longer allowed on the State network. Agencies must update to 365 or have an approved use case for a perpetual purchase.

Please contact your agency’s IT Director if you have any questions.