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New Approval Process for VPN Access

In an effort to improve the Approval process for Remote Access Requests DTS changed the process to request VPN access​. The approval path is as follows based on the person who requested the Remote access.
First Check ​- ​the Approval table to see if the person’s Agency and Division are listed in this table. If there is a matching entry then it will use the name(s) listed as the approver(s).
Second Chec​k -If no match found then the Approval table is queried to see if there is a record with the person’s Agency and no division listed. If there is a matching entry then it will use thos​e name(s) listed as the approver(s).
If still no approver then the Manager of the person now becomes the approver.
Inline image 1
There are a few ​State ​employees who do not have a manger listed in their record. All users without a Manager in their user record will see the message below.

Inline image 2
​The Help desk will then help the user to update their UtahID record to include a manager and they will be allowed to request Remote Access.

If the person requesting Remote Access is a Non-State person, then they will have to select the Agency they are asking for Remote Access. This request will then have the IT Director of that agency listed as the approver.

Inline image 3
All approvals will be sent by email and it is possible for all Remote Access Request to be approved by return email and does not require the approver to access ServiceNow.
If the person who ​is ​supposed to approve the VPN request is out of the office, then a Incident can be submitted in ServiceNow to set up a delegate. The delegate will be created and instructions​ provided on how to approve the Remote Access Request.