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Microsoft Office 365 Available May 4, 2016

Microsoft Office 365 will be available for purchase starting Wednesday May 4th. There are 2 options for purchasing Office 365: Office 365 Pro Plus with and without Access. Pricing is the same for the products whether you purchase with or without Access; the chosen SKUs will just tell us if Access should be installed or not. Pricing will be pro-rated based on the month the subscriptions are purchased. Initial purchases will be for a total of 14 months and the subscription year runs from July 1 through June 30th

To purchase, agencies will need to go to the Service Catalog in ServiceNow and choose the product they want to purchase and fill out the required fields. Any items for Office 365 submitted as an other item (not done through a SKU) will be rejected and the end user will be required to enter it again.

OneDrive (online storage) has not been approved for use with Office 365. DTS has approved the use of GoogleApps Unlimited for online storage.