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ININ Contact Center

DTS and ORS have spent over two years working to replace the old ORS call center with a new ININ Contact Center.  The project was challenging and introduced new technologies to the State.  The implementation included a tight integration with the ORSIS Child Support System.  Some of the major deliverables included:

  • Call Routing:  Callers are routed to an appropriate team at ORS based on a series of questions asked about their case.
  • Screen Pop-Up:  When the caller is routed to an ORS staff member, the staff member’s computer screen automatically pops up the caller’s case information from ORSIS.
  • Phone Payments:  Callers are able to make payments over the phone and are routed to GovPay.
  • Outbound Dialer: ORS is able to send out phone calls to remind clients of payments due and/or payments posted to their account. 
  • Speech Recognition:  Callers are able to respond to prompts verbally.

Special thanks are given to Aaron Lael, Debbie Bauman & Leon Owen for their tireless efforts in seeing this project to fruition.  We could not have done it without them.