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Granberg, Bertrand J.

After many years of suffering at AGRC, Bertrand J. Granberg, 104, Salt Lake City, passed from AGRC to other employment on January 17, 2018, 5pm. It is with great sadness that the AGRC family announces Bert’s transition to his new position at the Wasatch Front Regional Council after his dedicated service. Bert will be lovingly remembered by his colleagues for his many years of service and super curly hair. Bert is survived by Steve Gourley, Mike Heagin, Sean Fernandez, Michael Foulger, Greg Bunce, Scott Davis, Zach Beck, Matt Peters, Rick Kelson, and David Buell. Bert will also be fondly remembered by his colleagues of years gone by. Bert, who was involved in many state, local, and national efforts, was preceded by other directors.

There will be no service in memory of Bert. In fact, we have removed from our office all evidence that he ever existed. Those who care to disturb his peace, ahem, desire to contact him should do so at their own risk.

Thank you, Bert, dearly, for all your efforts.