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Government Operations Rate Committee Approves FY2025 DTS Rates

The Department of Government Operations Rate Committee met earlier this month to discuss the proposed FY2025 DTS Rates. The Committee approved the rates, and now the Governor’s Office will consider the proposed rates. Ultimately, the Legislature will consider and give final approval for the FY2025 rates during the 2024 Legislative Session. You can see the full presentation and proposal here.

Included in the FY2025 rates is a new Seat Rate, which will make rates more simple and predictable. The rates will replace computer support (and helpdesk), security, security assessment, network, email, and software rates with a Device rate and a User rate.

Device Rate:  This rate would include the current computer support (and helpdesk), network, security, SCCM (software/patch management), and security assessment rates. 

User Rate: This rate would include Google Enterprise, AdobePro/Sign, Active Directory, and Identity Access Management.