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Google Apps Unlimited

DTS will be upgrading current Google Vault users to Google Apps Unlimited in May 2016. Google Apps Unlimited includes Unlimited Storage.  When we say unlimited, we literally mean unlimited storage (ie. petabytes per user). With many agencies trying to find ways to reduce costs, one solution is migrating arbitrary (any non-Google file such as MS Office, PDF, Image File, video, etc.) files on various network files shares into Google Drive.

Current Google Vault users will be upgraded to Google Apps Unlimited with unlimited storage in May 2016, at no additional cost through December 2017. Beginning January 2018, each user will be charged a rate for unlimited storage.

Users must have Vault to utilize the unlimited storage. The FY2017 Vault rate is $2.44 per user per month.

Current Vault users include Corrections, Human Services, and Tax. There are also a few individuals throughout the agencies who have Vault, mostly executives.

More information on Google Apps Unlimited is available here.

If you have questions, please contact your IT Director.