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Google Apps Licensing Changes

Recently, the Google Apps email domain for the State of Utah was upgraded to take advantage of features and functions offered by the new Google Apps Unlimited product.  During the upgrade process, all email accounts were granted a temporary waiver from the typical 30 GB storage limit. Now that the upgrade process has completed, the 30 GB storage restriction will be re-instated for accounts that are not licensed for Google Apps Unlimited. You can view the Technical Bulletin here. 

To prevent any disruption of service to your account, the waiver from the 30 GB limit will remain in effect until the end of September 2016.  Employees who are using close to or more than 30 GB have two options:

Option 1:

 Account upgraded to Google Apps Unlimited.

Note:  Accounts choosing this option will be charged an additional amount for the license upgrade. You will need to get approval from your supervisor before upgrading to Unlimited.

Option 2:

Reduce the email messages, files, and photos in the account to reduce my total storage use below the 30 GB limit.

Note:  When the 30 GB limit is reinstated, accounts that reach or exceed that threshold will not be able to receive email until total storage is reduced.