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GOMB Recognizes DTS SUCCESS Effort

GOMB recently recognized DTS Solutions Delivery. You can see the information from GOMB here.

The SUCCESS Framework teaches state employees about the Rules of Flow. Following these rules will help you move a product or service more efficiently and effectively through your system. This month we are sharing how the Division of Technology Services implemented the concept of work in process.
Are you or your employees feeling overwhelmed at work? Are you juggling several projects at once? Read the success story below to learn how one team took on fewer tasks and was actually able to complete more projects.

The Division of Technology Services (DTS) has a solutions delivery development team that provides software development for state agencies. The type and volume of projects this DTS team works on varies greatly depending on agency needs. At one point in time the team had 55 projects in its queue, but it was only completing about 12 a year. This low completion rate was caused, in part, by staff working on several projects at once leading to bad multitasking and reduced productivity.

To remedy the problem, DTS leadership decided to reduce work in process (WIP) and use WIP boards to better monitor and control the workload. This increased throughput substantially. By limiting the number of projects in process to 18, this DTS team was able to complete 33 projects a year. While it may seem counterintuitive, reducing WIP leads to improved productivity and completion times. 

We applaud the DTS solutions delivery development team for their efforts to unlock hidden capacity by improving the flow of work. This is just one example of the efforts underway at DTS to significantly improve quality, costs and speed of delivery.