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FY23 DTS Rate Updates

Last year, the Rate Committee, Governor’s Office, and the Legislature approved some changes to the FY2023 DTS Rates. Agencies will see these changes starting with the July and August bill, which will be issued in September. Below is more information on the rate changes in FY2023. 


New Rates:

  • Cloud Infrastructure: Included in the amount of each Application Developer tier rate is a $1.00/hour Cloud Infrastructure rate. This rate is to help pay for DTS support of the cloud environment.  This is a replacement of the cost + 25% percentage increase on the cloud bill.  The $1.00/hour charge is a simplification of the DTS rate structure and was well-supported by customers. You will see this charge when you view the details of your Application Developer charges.


Notable Rate Increases/Decreases:

  • Cloud Hosting and Storage Services: In FY2021 and FY2022 the Division of Technology Services (DTS) charged a public cloud rate of cost + 25%. The additional 25% was for support and other charges related to administering the cloud. Starting in FY2023, DTS will be billing customers of public cloud at actual cost (which includes the shared portion of vendor support costs). This will simplify billing for agencies and clarify costs for public cloud. Agencies will see this change on the August 2022 bill.
    • You can see more details here.


  • Long Distance: Prior to FY2023 DTS billed a separate charge of $0.0602 per minute for Long Distance usage. Starting in FY2023, Long Distance services are now included in the Business Phone Line VoIP monthly charge and you will no longer see a separate charge for Long Distance. This aligns to industry standards and simplifies the bill.


  • Data Center Rack Space (Non-Executive Branch Agencies Only): Charges for Data Center rack space has increased due to the following: 


Rack Type




Full Rack




Rack U



Rack U/Month


The DTS Rack and Rack U rates are affected by several factors. Two of the key drivers of the change in this rate are the migration to the cloud by many of our customers and the move to the Taylorsville State Office Building Data Center. DTS has a number of fixed costs associated with running and maintaining a data center, and while DTS has seen a reduction in its on-prem customer base, those fixed costs remain. This requires a rate increase for the remaining customers.  

  • Database Core Model: Charges for SQL and Oracle database core models have increased to the following: 















DTS has been charging less than cost for both of these rates to bring Retained Earnings in line with Federal guidelines. We incrementally reduced these rates and are incrementally increasing them. The rates for FY23 are still under cost, but DTS is under recovering by less than the previous year.

  • Web Application Hosting: FY2022 Shared Application Hosting on Prem rate has been renamed to Web Application Hosting and increased from $59.10 to $109.81 per instance for FY2023.

Usage for Web App Hosting on-prem (on physical DTS servers) has seen a reduction in customer base as other technologies have been adopted. DTS has a number of fixed costs associated with maintaining the Web App Hosting Environment, and while DTS has seen a reduction in its on-prem customer base, those fixed costs remain. This requires a rate increase for the few remaining customers.  

  • Enterprise Software (Adobe, Microsoft, etc.): The Cost Plus rate for Enterprise Software has changed to up to cost + 10%.  This allows DTS to be more nimble and flexible to charge software based on proportional effort.  


Other Rate Changes:

  • Application Developer Rate: The hourly billing for DTS application developers has changed slightly.  In FY2022, the Application Developer rate was based on 1A/1B – 4A/4B Tiers.  Instead of A and Bs, DTS is moving to Tiers 1-8. This move from Tiers and Sub-Tiers to straightforward numbered Tiers should make the bill less confusing for our customers.


  • Other Technical Services: DTS has combined all the Cost + 10% rates into one rate listed on the published rate sheet under the Miscellaneous Services section. Customers will still be able to search under, for instance, Communication Services and see the Miscellaneous charges which fall under this category.


Further information:

You can view all changes to the DTS Rates by going to


If you have questions about any of the other rate changes, please contact the DTS FPNA team by emailing


For billing questions or concerns, please contact the DTS Billing team by emailing


The following were shared during the FY2023 Rate Presentation:

  • Link to Rate presentation document share in rate committee
  • Link to Rate Impact sheet shared in rate committee