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FY2018 DTS Rate Committee

The first FY2018 DTS Rate Committee meeting is scheduled for August 31 at 9:30am. During this meeting, DTS will present the proposed FY2018 rates and information on service performance. The committee will have an opportunity to discuss any adjustments to both the proposed rates and service levels before recommending rates┬áto the Governor’s Office. Here are a few highlights of what DTS has achieved over the past year:

  • Customer Satisfaction Survey: 4.8 out of 5 (4.5 goal)
  • Application Availability: 99.89% applications up and available (98.74% goal)
  • First Contact Resolution: 71% of all calls to the Help Desk were resolved on first contact (65% goal)
  • Time to Initial Response: 96% of 62,807 tickets responded to in less than an hour (85% goal)
  • Total Time to Resolution: 98% of 62,807 tickets resolved in less than 6 business hours (90% goal)
  • Procurement: 9,105 orders processed in 3 days or less (5 days or less goal)

We look forward to working with the Rate Committee members and all state agencies to continue to provide the best possible rates for the service provided.