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DTS Year End Purchasing Deadlines

Fiscal Year 2016 ends on June 30. Below are details on the DTS year end procurement, contract, business case, accounting, and budget deadlines.


­May 31: FY16 Purchases Last day to enter FY16 request to ensure delivery of product or service.
June 15: FY17 Purchases ( Start Date)
­May 31: Telecom Requests ( Last day to enter FY16 requests to ensure service)
July 1 – Aug 11: Roll PO’s ( Contact Campus Admin)
­July 8: Invoices All Agency ( Guarantee paid by 15th)
July 11: PCard Reconciliations ( For June)


­April 8: Current FY Solicitations
May 6: 
Solicitation Awards
May 6: 
Sole Source
May 27: 
New Contracts / Amendments

Questions on these timelines:

Questions on specific solicitations, contracts, or amendments please reach out to your agency’s DTS contract analyst.

Business Cases Approvals:

June 1: Submission by Agency


July 11: FY16 Invoices ( Products / Services)