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DTS Uses Virtru for email Encryption Effective August 22nd

On August 22nd, DTS will modify the routing of secure messages to a Virtru gateway instead of ZixCorp.

This change will affect how recipients of a secure message access encrypted content. More information on how to access secure content can be found here.

Virtru will be used to encrypt email messages with sensitive content. The three policies will still apply when the change is made from ZixCorp to Virtru:

  1. Any message containing SM: in the subject header will be encrypted.  This is the default policy.

  2. Any message that contains FTI in the subject header or body will be encrypted.  This applies to employees that work with federal tax information.

  3. All messages are encrypted by default for any employees that work with HIPAA data.  Messages are sent unencrypted if QAZ: is included in the subject line of the message.

View the technical bulletin here.