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The Governor’s Office of Management and Budget has asked all state agencies to improve state government by 25%. A set of tools and concepts known as the SUCCESS Framework (more info here) have been designed to achieve concrete results. The main concepts of the SUCCESS framework include:
Set clear, measurable, and ambitious goals
Use data, analysis, and thinking tools
Create the strategy
Create the organization and culture
Engage employees and customers
Synchronize projects and policies
Stay focused
DTS fully supports and is fully engaged in the SUCCESS framework to provide operational improvements for the agency. We currently have three SUCCESS projects, for which we are providing metrics on a monthly basis. Below is the latest chart with metrics.
Data Security 
  • DTS blocks an average of over 100 million potentially malicious attacks on the state network every day. DTS must continually work to improve the security of the state’s data as new and more sophisticated threats surface almost every day.
  • DTS established a data security SUCCESS strategy with the goal to increase the overall security of the state’s data systems.
  • At the core of the data security SUCCESS strategy is an ongoing systematic prioritization of high-risk areas across the state.
  • A group of dedicated DTS staff is organized around this system, working to identify and mediate threats on a 24/7 basis.
  • DTS has achieved over 100% improvement in reducing the number of high-risk areas since August 2013.

Procurement and Deployment of PCs (non peak)

  • DTS provides procurement and deployment of all PCs for the cabinet level agencies. It is imperative for state employees to be able to get back to work quickly when a PC needs to be replaced.
  • Goal is to quickly deliver competitively priced PCs that meet or exceed agency needs to decrease purchase approval time, and decrease delivery and deploy time.
  • DTS has achieved over 10% improvement in time taken to procurement and deploy PCs to agencies since July 2015.

Application Development

  • Agencies rely on many applications provided by DTS to conduct agency business. The application projects must be completed on time, within budget, meet the agencies’ requirements, and remain secure.
  • After completion of every DTS application development project, the agencies complete a scorecard to rate the service provided by DTS.
  • DTS has seen improvement in the quality of application development projects delivered to state agencies since March 2015.