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DTS Implementing Engagement Model to Improve IT Projects

For an information technology project to be successful, it’s necessary to stay within budget, on time, and within scope. But it’s even more important to ask yourself: Does this project really add value to our business?

Our problem today is that we start projects too quickly, often without the customer & IT really understanding the true business problem they are trying to solve. This results in improper project requirements, and therefore increasing the scope of work, reworking, and delays on project deliverables.

Both DTS and the Agencies are caught between meeting technical requirements as defined by the customer and ensuring the customer’s core problem is addressed. The right solution is often realized far into the project design & development as more discussions occur about the requirements and their connection to the overall goal, but this is often too late.

DTS’s resolution to this conflict is through a better engagement with the Agencies upfront, which would change their value proposition all together from being a technical service provider that is cheaper and more convenient to being a solutions business partner that helps consult and solve the true business problems. The Engagement Model is a three phase analysis process where DTS business resources facilitate discussions with Agency experts & key contacts to ultimately determine the solution direction both in terms of process & technology.

DTS is working to implement the Engagement Model statewide, including internal DTS projects. If you’d like more information on the Engagement Model, please reach out to your IT Director.