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DTS Employee Chris Kawa recognized on Doug Wright Show

DTS employee Chris Kawa was recently recognized on the Doug Wright Show for the Public Employee Salute segment. Great job, Chris!

Here is what Doug had to say:

Chris Kawa is a Tech II for the Division of Technology Services. Chris’s specific position is IT support. When customers call in and they have a computer or phone issue they can’t fix independently, he will find the solution. Chris has worked for DTS for over two years now, and has made a huge impact. Chris, unlike many IT techs who work within one specific campus, has worked on every campus. He takes calls from state employees, contractors, medical personnel, and some general public. During his time at DTS, Chris has created several tutorials for his coworkers, on how to assist customers faster. These tutorials have been extremely helpful to his coworkers and customers. Chris is known by his coworkers to be extremely intelligent when it comes to computers, and very helpful. He has taken many opportunities to teach fellow coworkers about computers, and has helped one coworker specifically from barely understanding basic “computer talk” to being able to troubleshoot the majority of the calls that come in.