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DTS Billing Year End Deadlines

Final Agency Bill charges for FY2019

By July 3, 2019 your Agency Bill will be processed for the June 2019 charges.  There will be an additional invoice amount added to June charges that will be processed by July 12, 2019 to invoice for Period 13 on Application Maintenance and miscellaneous billing adjustments. Please make sure you send any credit requests or adjustments for services billed through period 12 needing to be made to your Agency Bill to by July 9, 2019.

Final Weekly Direct Purchases for FY2019

We will process Weekly Direct Purchases until July 15, 2019. Please make sure DTS has received ALL FY19 invoices by July 5, 2019 to give us enough time to process invoices for our final weekly billing. Invoices received by the July 5th deadline with an approved Purchase Order will be guaranteed to process in time for the final FY19 Direct Purchase billing. Starting July 15th, ALL invoices will be processed in FY20 and it will be the Agency’s responsibility to accrue the expenses in the correct Fiscal Year. Invoices can be emailed to


The telephone inventory report was sent to your department on May 17, 2019.  Please take the time to review your list. As previously communicated, any changes that needed to be reflected for FY2019 should be submitted by June 3, 2019 in order to provide adequate time to complete by June 30th. Changes that need to be reflected in FY2020 should be submitted by July 5, 2019. When submitting the order, please reference on the order if the changes need to be reflected in FY2019 or FY2020.

ELCID Table Update

If you have any changes, concerns, or new ELCIDs that you want to add to your existing information, please contact the FINET Helpdesk with those questions.  FINET will have the ELCID table closed to changes until July 1st, so you may need to contact Finance on changes as FY2019 year-end close approaches.  Please notify DTS Billing of any changes to ELCIDs made in FINET so that you can be sure that we are billing the correct one.

The DTS Billing Department is dedicated to improving our processes in order to make your experience with us as smooth and efficient as possible. We are committed to giving you excellent customer service, so your detailed feedback is always welcome.