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Data Center Exit Project Update – February 2022

We are continuing to move forward with the data center exit project. This is the top priority for DTS and we are making steady improvements every day. 

Due to supply chain constraints, the project timeline has been impacted. The new target completion date is June 1, 2022. We will now be moving all the state servers and applications from February – May. Your IT Director will be coordinating with you on the updated schedule to identify when your specific agency applications, servers, and databases will be moved. 

We have completed approximately 25% of the server and system migrations as part of the data center exit. Some accomplishments include: 

  • The data center facility at the Taylorsville State Office Building (TSOB) is almost complete and operational
  • Equipment has been received and is in place to host agency applications that will be located in TSOB and the Richfield data center
  • Equipment has been received and is in place for Oracle databases located TSOB and Richfield, with 188 individual databases migrated so far
  • Network connectivity has been configured and installed to meet the requirements at the TSOB.  Preparations are under way for the transfer of the complete network from the Capitol data center to the TSOB
  • We are migrating to a more robust firewall; 15 of the individual firewall migrations have been completed so far
  • 200+ servers have been moved to Amazon or Google
  • 200+ servers have been decommissioned

You can see the current project status, progress, and timeline at Please contact your IT Director with any questions. We will continue to coordinate with you closely throughout this important project. Thank you for your continued support.