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Data Center Exit Project – May Update

We are heading down the home stretch on the data center exit project. This is the top priority for DTS and we are making steady improvements every day, including some major accomplishments over the past few weeks. 

We successfully migrated the state phone system and call centers, the mainframe, the print center, the automated firewall system, the application load balancer, and the majority of state building network connections to the Taylorsville data center. 

We continue to move production and database servers, which house all state systems and applications, to Taylorsville. We have successfully moved 415 servers to date. We will continue to move the remainder by the end of the month. We do not anticipate any down time or impact to the applications during these migrations. 

We have completed approximately 76% of the server and system migrations as part of the data center exit. The Department of Natural Resources has completed 98% of server moves, and the Governor’s Office has completed 96% of server moves.

Important Next Step: On May 21 at 5:00 a.m., we will be migrating the state internet connection from the Salt Lake data center to the Taylorsville data center. We have worked to minimize the impact, but there will be outages to the state internet connection. Applications, computers connecting to the internet, state websites, phones, call centers, and anything else connecting to the state internet will be down for a short time. We estimate the internet outage to last approximately 10 minutes.

You can see the current project status, progress, and timeline at Please contact your IT Director with any questions. We will continue to coordinate with you closely throughout this important project. Thank you for your continued support.