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Data Center Exit Project – March 2022

We are continuing to move forward with the data center exit project. This is the top priority for DTS and we are making steady improvements every day. 

The plan calls for moving development and test servers to the Taylorsville Data Center starting on Monday, March 14.  Then we plan to move production servers to Taylorsville Data Center starting on April 11. 

We have completed approximately 37% of the server and system migrations as part of the data center exit. Some accomplishments include: 

  • DABC is 80% complete. The agency has migrated 21 of 26 servers. 
  • The Tax Commission is 76% complete, with 87 of 114 servers migrated.
  • The Taylorsville Data Center is now operational; it is ready for the server migrations (we still have a power upgrade and network migration happening before April 8th).
  • We have migrated nearly all of the hardware in the Richfield data center to new equipment. This includes development, test, and production servers. 
  • We have migrated nearly all of the Oracle development and test databases to new equipment. This migration included a significant security upgrade.
  • We are migrating to a more robust firewall; 29 of the 36 individual firewall migrations have been completed so far.

You can see the current project status, progress, and timeline at Please contact your IT Director with any questions. We will continue to coordinate with you closely throughout this important project. Thank you for your continued support.