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Data Center Exit Project – April Update

We are continuing to move forward with the data center exit project. This is the top priority for DTS and we are making steady improvements every day, including some major accomplishments last week. 

We successfully migrated the network from Salt Lake to Taylorsville over the weekend. This was a big milestone in the Data Center Exit project. We migrated 23 network firewalls from the Salt Lake data center to the Taylorsville data center. Thank you for your patience with outages during the migrations, and your willingness to help us test systems. 

We can now begin to move production servers, which house all state systems and applications, to Taylorsville starting today. We will also begin moving all databases to the Taylorsville facility beginning later in the week. We do not anticipate any down time or impact to the applications during these migrations. 

The effort to move the network locations at the Agency Buildings to point to the Taylorsville data center instead of the Salt Lake data center is continuing successfully. Some building locations will experience an estimated 20 minutes of network downtime during the scheduled move. Your IT Director will notify you of the schedule if your location is impacted by this move. 

We have completed nearly 50% of the server and system migrations as part of the data center exit. Some accomplishments include: 

  • Completing all of the development and test server moves to Taylorsville/Richfield data center
  • Completed all development and test Oracle servers to Richfield data center
  • Highlighting some department successes:  The Department of Human Services completed 71% of server moves, and the Labor Commission has completed 61% of server moves

You can see the current project status, progress, and timeline at Please contact your IT Director with any questions. We will continue to coordinate with you closely throughout this important project. Thank you for your continued support.