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Data Center Exit – Decommission Complete

We successfully completed the exit of the Salt Lake data center June 1, moving all state applications, network, and servers to the new Taylorsville facility. Work continued over the past couple of months to decommission and remove the old IT equipment from the data center located at the Capitol complex. We removed and destroyed over 3,000 hard drives from servers, ensured all inventory was accounted for, powered down all old servers and network gear, and filled truckloads of old equipment for surplus. 


On August 1, DTS officially handed over the keys to the old data center to the Capitol Preservation Board and the Division of Facilities and Construction Management. Demolition of the old data center and construction of the new building at the Capitol can now begin. 


The brand new data center in Taylorsville has many benefits, including:

  • Security improvements:

    • Enhanced data encryption at rest technology

    • New secure Private Cloud 

    • Updated security management capabilities

    • New more robust security features on firewalls

    • Installed a new environmental system to protect against physical, environmental or human threats that can cause disruption or downtime to IT infrastructure

  • Network improvements: 

    • Moved and increased the Internet to 100 Gb of bandwidth including new network equipment

    • Refreshed hardware and software

  • Hosting/Server improvements:

    • Refreshed equipment with associated increased processing and security components

  • Application improvements:

    • Upgraded databases

    • Moved 25% of applications to the cloud

    • Applications now have backup and redundant features

  • Print Center improvements:

    • New printers with enhanced features and less downtime

  • Phone improvements:

    • Additional redundancy and higher throughput for calls

Thank you to all DTS employees and agencies for your support throughout this tremendous project.