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Check out the 2016 Annual Report

DTS has published the 2016 Annual Report here. We have accomplished a lot during the past year, including:

  • Expanding Digital Government Into New Platforms
  • Accessibility
  • Security Updates
  • Asset Management Tool 
  • Cost Savings

DTS also has several big initiatives coming up during the next year:

  • SUCCESS Framework Projects
  • Single Sign On Business Database
  • Justice Reinvestment Initiative
  • Electronic Driver License

The primary activities of DTS in the coming year will focus on securing the State’s data assets, and the continued optimization of IT resources across the State. IT services continue to evolve, exposing new opportunities for enterprise shared services, improvements in service effectiveness, and accountability to customers. Ongoing efforts are underway to optimize service offerings within the evolving technical architecture and business requirements of State agencies, local governments, and inter-branch collaboration with the Legislative and Judicial Branches. DTS will continue to partner with State Agencies in order to improve services for the residents of Utah.