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Enterprise Mobility Management Change

On November 7, 2018 at 10:00am, DTS is changing the Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) provider.  This could impact your Android device that is state-owned, or personally-owned that connects to state systems. Prior to the change we recommend that you backup your android device and once the backup is complete, verify that it contains all your needed data.


The newer the version of the Android Operating System (OS), the less likely there will be any noticeable impact. Android devices on Motorola and Samsung with the newest Android operating system (OS), which currently includes versions 9.0 to […]

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2018 Annual Report

The 2018 DTS Annual Report is now available here. The report highlights a few major accomplishments from 2018, a few initiatives for 2019, Emerging Issues, and Awards. 

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2018 Utah LiDAR Acquisition Updated

AGRC has awarded Aero-Graphics, Inc. (AGI) to acquire 10,450 square miles of LiDAR Elevation data. The LiDAR will be a combination of USGS Quality Level 1 (QL1), 8 points per square meter and Quality Level 2 (QL2), 2 points per square meter depending on the area. The acquisitions have begun and will continue throughout the year. The acquisitions will be completed in 2018 and project deliverables are scheduled to be completed by June 30, 2019.

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Utah’s NG911 GIS Roadmap

As the State of Utah moves closer to NG911, GIS data providers will soon be required to adhere to national standards set forth by the NENA and the UCA 911 Division (section 6 of ref 1). It can be daunting navigating these standards and best practice documents, so the intent of this article is to demystify the relevant information and lay out a road map of where we are going.

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FY19 and FY20 Rates

DTS has recently updated the FY19 and FY20 rates. You can see them here

The DTS Rate Committee met in September to approve updated rates for FY19, and proposed rates for FY20. The new rates will now be approved by the Governor’s Office and Management and Budget, and ultimately approved the Utah Legislature during the next Session in March. 

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2018 Data Security Management Council Annual Report

Utah Code 63F-2 established the Data Security Management Council in the 2015 general session. Utah Code 63F-2-103 explicitly requires the council chair to prepare an annual report that addresses:

  • a summary of topics the council studied during the year
  • best practice recommendations for state government
  • recommendations for implementing the council’s best practice recommendations
You can view the full report here.

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DTS Goals and Projects

We have posted a new page with a list of current Goals and Projects. Here you will find a prioritized list of the technology innovations, goals, and directions DTS is currently working on to help State of Utah agencies achieve their business objectives.

Goals and Projects

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