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2021 Legislative Session

The 2021 Legislative Session started on Tuesday, January 19. DTS is watching a few bills closely. You can see all the bills here.

DTS will be presenting to the Infrastructure and General Government Appropriations Subcommittee during the first two weeks of the session. We will have the opportunity to present our proposed rates and budget.

  • HB0006 IGG Base Budget
  • HB0008 State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations
  • SB0008 State Agency Fees and ISF Rate Authorization and Appropriations

In addition, Representative Brooks currently has a bill file opened to rename the Automated Geographic Reference Center. The new name, Utah Geospatial Resource Center, brings the name up to date with modern terms and ideas.

– More people are understanding the importance of data, and can appreciate Geospatial data as location based data.
– The division is a Resource center that provides raw data, web services, contract work, and also advises others on implementing GIS.
– The new name is much more descriptive of what the division does, and is more recognizable by people not familiar with GIS to recognize the division offers another type of data (geospatial).
As the division prepares for the next four years and beyond, the new name better reflects the services offered by the division.
During the legislative session, DTS will be requiring all employees that physically enter the Capitol building or directly interact with elected officials to have a weekly COVID test. If you fall in this category, you must provide a negative result on a weekly basis.
If you must be in the SOB during the session, and will not be entering the Capitol or interacting with elected officials, please be sure to wear a mask, follow social distance guidelines, and stay home if you are sick.
Thank you for your cooperation.