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2019 Awards for Excellence

Each year we ask DTS employees to nominate their peers to be recognized for the Governor’s and DTS Awards for Excellence. It’s our chance to recognize some of the great efforts of DTS employees. Here are the winners for this year:

Governor’s Award: DABC Rare High Demand Product Project Team

DABC and DTS worked together to identify a process and write an application allowing interested consumers to enter online “drawings” for rare products sold by DABC. After a certain time, the drawings close, people are selected and notified, the product is sent to the store of their choosing, and the customer shows up at the store to buy the product. To coordinate this effort, DTS and DABC worked together to produce a solution that has met the customer need.

  • Craig Madsen
  • Bri Lifferth 
  • Will Swanepoel 
  • Dave Gailey
  • Donny Ford

DTS Award: Cost Savings Team

This year, in order to help facilitate the DTS one team environment, the nomination is for a cross section of DTS employees that are part of the incredible cost savingsThese employees have put in hard work to save the State millions which then saves State Agencies and ultimately the taxpayer, over $10 million in new savings.

  • Darrus McBride
  • Sam Albernoz
  • Phil Bates
  • Kent Godfrey
  • LarsenLaura 
  • Jon Behrmann
  • Todd Barry
  • Brett Shaw
  • Corona Ngatuvai

DTS Award: Cloud Architecture Team

Each of the team members are technical leads in their respective disciplines but in order to execute the shared vision of designing and implementing a cloud architecture that can serve a wide array of needs, be repeatable, scaleable and supportable they all stepped up to the challenge of being leaders in our organization. They broke through perceived and real barriers within DTS to work collectively on not only cloud architecture solutions but work processes that incorporate each group’s needs and perspectives whether hosting, networking or software development.

  • Justin Rasmussen
  • Keaton Walker
  • Jonathan Foster
  • Robert Ryan 
  • Doug Burgin
  • Austin VanDyke
  • Casey Wardle
  • Austin Haws
  • Joseph Sharp
  • Jeff Bartholomew
  • Randy Spainhower
  • Mike Tyrell
  • Sean McMillan

DTS Award: DWS Unemployment Insurance Imaging System

In 2019 the Division of Technology Services (DTS), working in conjunction with the Department of Workforce Services (DWS), modernized their imaging system for the Unemployment Insurance Division (UI). This 6-month project (designed and developed 100% in-house) greatly improves efficiencies and productivity by automating the delivery of images to the Unemployment Insurance tax system (CATS) and the Unemployment Insurance benefits system (CUBS).

  • Wes Miles
  • Martha Borden
  • Robert Love
  • Bret Baker
  • Brandon Woolsey