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2018 Legislative Session Wrap-Up

The 2018 Legislative Session concluded last week, on March 8. Thank you to all DTS employees for your patience during the Session – not only for managing the whirlwind of meetings, but also for dealing with difficult parking when coming to the Capitol. 
DTS had a very successful Session. You can view a complete tracking sheet here. Here are a few highlights:
 SB8s1: State Agency and Higher Education Compensation Appropriations
This is the Comp Bill. Great news! It provides funding for a 2.5% general salary increase for state employees beginning July 1, 2018. Unfortunately, none of the DHRM recommended targeted position increases were funded. Employees will still be receiving a 2.5% salary increase.
– SB3: Current Fiscal Year Supplemental Appropriation
DTS received $1.4 million for a DTS Customer Experience Platform Expansion. More details to come on the tool and project.
– HB8s1: State Agency Fees and ISF Rate Authorizations and Appropriations

DTS rates for FY2019 have been approved and agencies have been funded. 

– HB150s2: Single Sign-On Database Amendments
DTS will be receiving funding to move forward and implement the Single Sign-On Database. In past years, DTS had received funding and direction to build a prototype of the system. We will now be moving forward with the full project. The Single Sign-On Databases is a web portal that allows a person doing business in the state to access, at a single point of entry, all relevant state-collected business data about the person, including information related to: business registration; workers’ compensation; tax liability and payment; and other information collected by the state that the department determines is relevant to a person doing business in the state. More details on the project will be coming soon.
 HB395s2: Technology Innovation Amendments
DTS will be receiving $150,000 for an Innovation Fund. Agencies will be able to submit proposals to implement a technology innovation designed to result in a greater efficiency in a government process or a cost saving in the delivery of government services. DTS will be developing a process soon and a communication will be sent to agencies with more information.