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2018 DTS Continuity of Operations Plan

We have recently published the DTS 2018 Continuity of Operations Plan. Thank you to everyone who helped contribute to the report this year. It is a valuable document for DTS.

Generally the public has been very unwilling to overlook lapses in services, even in the wake of service interruptions. The obligation of DTS is to provide seamless services, especially those involving public safety and health, in spite of any event. The public expects the same good customer service from state government as it does from business. DTS agency management is committed to the development and maintenance of an effective disaster recovery/continuity of operations plan (DR/COOP).

Historically, agencies within Utah State Government have prepared well to respond to service interruptions within the state. At the same time, those agencies have not always considered how they would respond to an emergency, which would directly affect their ability to provide services and continue normal operations. Additionally, a majority of the existing plans have focused only on catastrophic events.

While preparations for such major emergencies are important, it is equally important to address emergencies with less severity but much more frequency.  While threats do vary from region to region and state agency to state agency, it is clear that a broader scope of preparedness will assist state agencies in providing services and continuing operations regardless of the hazard or emergency that arises.