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2016 Legislative Session Summary

The 2016 State of Utah Legislative Session came to a close on March 10, having passed 474 bills. DTS was very involved in the session this year with many bills that affect our budget, state employees, and new IT projects. Here are a few highlights:

  • HB2 New Fiscal Year Appropriations: DTS will be working with several agencies on a justice data sharing project.
  • HB8 State Agency Fees and ISF Authorization: DTS FY2017 rates were approved by the legislature.
  • HB96 Single Sign On Business Database: DTS will be working with several agencies to analyze and create a prototype system that allows Utah businesses to easily conduct business with all state agencies.
  • HB227 Electronic Driver License Amendments: DTS will be working with DPS to conduct a study on the potential use of electronic driver licenses.
  • HB280 Autonomous Vehicle Study: UDOT and DPS will study the potential use and impact of autonomous vehicles.
  • SB52 Rate Committee Amendments: Changes the makeup of the DTS rate committee to include more agency representation.

You can view more highlights of the 2016 session here