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Mobile Technician Labor Products

Auto Attendant

Auto attendant systems allow callers to be automatically directed (transferred) to the desired extension without the assistance of a receptionist or operator. This functionality is commonly performed via the voice system (Private Branch eXchange (PBX) switch or a key-system switch), the Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) system, or the voice mail system.

The Division of Technology Services (DTS) provides voice mail and auto attendant services for approved agency locations.

Cisco Singlewire Informacast Paging

Cisco Singlewire Informacast “Paging-Through-the-Phone” (PTTP) is a feature that allows DTS agency customers with Cisco IP Phones to place a paging announcement over their IP Phone’s speaker (speakerphone capability is required).  DTS customers can request the creation of PTTP paging zone(s) to which IP Phones are assigned. Paging announcements can be heard by users while on-hook (not on a call) or while off-hook (on a call).  

Mobile Technician Services Overview

DTS provides IT services for government-owned IT devices that reside in a customer’s environment and access the State’s business systems. Mobile techs provide telecom/telephony service, networking assistance, uninterrupted power supply (UPS) support, wireless support, and other features.     

Universal Telecom Rate for Voice Monthly Service

The Division of Technology Services (DTS) provides voice services to all State of Utah executive branch agencies. Voice monthly services include the planning and implementation of basic phone services (dial tone) throughout Utah.

The judicial and legislative branches of the state of Utah, as well as other governmental entities (e.g., cities, counties, colleges, universities, K-12 institutions, etc.), have the option of receiving basic telephone services from DTS.