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Windows 7 Computer

Windows PC Setup & Install Instructions

The steps for Windows 7, Vista & XP are basically the same ( with some minor security prompt screens being different ), please select “install, next or ok” when and if prompted during this install.

NOTE: If you have ANY questions about the enrollment process or experience issues registering, please contact your DTS Help Desk

  1. Unplug your ethernet cable & connect to the internet via WiFi, ( CapNet is usually best for this ), then from the desktop screen, open Internet Explorer and navigate to
  2. Click Download and run the file.
    Download AirWatch Screenshot
  3. Once the Agent has downloaded, run the Win32Agent_In….exe.
    Run AirWatch Screenshot
  4. If Symantec opens, select Allow this file. Otherwise skip to step 9
    Symantec Screenshot
  5. Select OK
    Symantec Permission Screenshot
  6. Select Install. If you are not prompted with these screens, please skip to step 9
    Win32Agent Screenshot
  7. You may be prompted to restart. If so, select Yes, it will resume once rebooted. If you are not prompted with this screen, please skip to step 9
    Win32Agent Reboot Prompt Screenshot
  8. After reboot, select Install again, when and if prompted
    Win32Agent InstallShield Screenshot
  9. Select Next
    Win32Agent InstallShield Wizard Screenshot
  10. Select I accept, then select Next <
    Win32Agent InstallShield License Agreement Screenshot
  11. Select Install
    Win32Agent InstallShield Install Screenshot
  12. Choose Server Details evnter for the server and sou for Group ID.
    AirWatch Authenticate Screenshot
    AirWatch Group ID Screenshot
  13. Enter your network username and password, then select Next.
    AirWatch Credentials Screenshot
  14. Select the Device Ownership, then select Next.
    AirWatch Additonal Information Screenshot
  15. Select Finish
    AirWatch Enrollment Complete Screenshot
  16. You can confirm enrollment by logging into the Self Service Portal
    AirWatch  Screenshot

MDM Enrollment is now complete. You can close all windows that were opened in relation to MDM enrollment.

Managing your Device

Please log into the Device Self Service Portal to manage your own device. When you contact DTS for device support, DTS will assist you in accessing the Device Self Service Portal to manage your device. The Self Service Portal can be found here:

To gain access to the Self Service Portal, enter the
Group ID (SOU) & your
Username and
Password. This will be the same as your UMD account. Select

Self Service Portal Screenshot


If you have trouble with the registration process, or issues with MDM on your device, please contact Help Desk Support.