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New Android Device Enrollment Instructions


  • These instructions apply to new device enrollments only. To enroll a device using the identifier below, please make sure the device is in a factory reset state. For instructions on how to set up and install Intelligent Hub (i.e., AirWatch or Mobile Device Management [MDM]) and Gmail on an Android device, see the Android MDM Setup and Installation Instructions page.
  • Screenshots may vary depending on the model of phone and Android version.
  • Also, after you follow these steps, your device will automatically be sent for approval. When the device is approved, it will have access to the signed-in account.

1. Turn on your device and connect to Wi-Fi; the device should prompt you to sign in with a Google account. Instead of entering a email address, enter afw#hub. This is known as the identifier.

2. After you enter the identifier, the device should prompt you to install Intelligent Hub. After Intelligent Hub has been installed, proceed with enrolling. For enrollment instructions please click here and follow steps 4 through 14, and then come back to this page and continue with the remaining steps.

3. Once enrollment is complete, navigate to the Google Play Store and complete the remaining steps in either the Work or Personal profile. (Note: After you enroll your device in Intelligent Hub, the device will create two separate profiles: one for work use, and the other for personal use. The following steps can be performed in either profile; however, the work profile is preferred.) The Play Store should have you sign in. Sign in with your email account and agree to the Google Terms of Service.

4. Once you are signed in to the Play Store, type Google Apps Device Policy in the search bar and click Install. The app should confirm that it is installed, as shown in the following image.

5. After confirming that the Google Apps Device Policy is installed, open the application. Follow the on-screen prompt for Next; then select Activate this device admin app in the second screen; and, finally, select Enforce in the third screen.