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Mobile Application Deployment

DTS develops State applications for mobile devices. We will develop, test, deploy, and submit your app to the mobile app providers. Follow the process below.

1. Development:

Complete the Initial Security Check

2. Fill Out Forms:

Submit the App using the Deployment Forms

Deployment Checklist for iOS App

Deployment Checklist for Android App

Mobile Application Deployment Request Form

3. Change Request:

Submit a Change Control Request for the App

Change Request Form

Note: The Change Request must be submitted by the developer and in the developer’s name.

4. Application Deployment:

DTS will deploy to appropriate App Stores (Apple, Google, etc.) and will put into production

Mobile Application Deployment Best Practices

  1. In your project plans please allow this process plenty of time.
  2. If releasing to app stores please allow at least one week for the app to be approved by Apple and Google. This out of our control and one week is an absolute minimum.
  3. Let the Enterprise Deployment group know that you have an app that will be deployed a couple weeks before it is ready. This will ensure that the team has all the resources lined up and ready.
  4. If you are introducing anything new into the process, please communicate as part of the initial introduction.
  5. QA is NOT a part of this process and should be completed before it is submitted for deployment.