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Google Device Policy Configuration

Steps 1 – 12 describe the process of installing the Google Device Policy (which is used to approve access for the Android device, to the Google Apps suite).

Steps 13 – 20 describe the process of changing the password on the device, from a 4 – 6 alphanumeric passcode to a 4 digit numeric PIN (after the Google Device Policy app has been installed).

  1. Open the notification window (varies from device to device).
    Android Home Screenshot
  2. Select Account Action Required.
    Android Quick Settings Screenshot
  3. Select Download.
    Android Download Screenshot
  4. Select Install.
    Android App Store Screenshot
  5. Select Accept.
    Android App Store Download Prompt Screenshot
  6. Select Open.
    Android App Store Open App Prompt Screenshot
  7. Select Next.
    Google Device App Setup Screenshot
  8. Select Activate.
    Google Device Activate Setup Screenshot
  9. Your device is now pending approval. This device MUST be enrolled with MDM before it will be approved. Check back with this app once you have receive an email from, confirming approval. Then select Sync Now
    Google Device Pending Approval Screenshot
  10. Select Next.
    Google Device Account Approval Screenshot
  11. Select Enforce.
    Google Device Account Approval Screenshot
  12. You will see a summary screen (that you can navigate away from).
    Google Device Account Approval Screenshot
  13. Now that the Google Device Policy has been installed, your device will now be able to set a 4 digit PIN (mainly affecting Samsung, LG & HTC devices). Open Settings.
    Android Home Screenshot
  14. Select My Phone.
    Android Settings Screenshot
  15. Select Lock screen.
    Android Settings Screenshot
  16. Select Screen lock.
    Android Settings Screenshot
  17. Enter the current password (possibly the 6 or 4 alphanumeric password).
    Android Confirm Password Screenshot
  18. Select Pin.
    Android Settings Screen Lock Screenshot
  19. Enter new 4 digit PIN, then select Continue and then confirm again by selecting OK.
    Android Settings Select PIN Screenshot Android Settings Select PIN Screenshot
  20. You will see that the device is Secured with PIN.
    Android Settings Lock Screen Screenshot