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FAQ and Troubleshooting

If you still have questions regarding MDM after reviewing this page, please contact your Help Desk

When I install the MDM Agent will it impact how my phone operates? Will it slow down my smartphone for other uses? Are there compatibility issues with other apps I have on my phone?

MDM will not change the basic operation of the phone.

If I run into problems when installing or using MDM what support resources are available to me and who do I call for help?

Contact your local Help Desk support for ALL MDM related issues. Support numbers can be found at

What exactly will be monitored and reviewed by the MDM Software and Administrators? What may be monitored versus what will be monitored?

The MDM software monitors the overall security and health status of the device.

Can MDM tell me if my cell phones or tablets were compromised?

Yes, MDM can detect if the device has been JailBroken (iOS – Apple Devices) or Rooted (Android devices).

What exactly is being logged from my cell phone, tablet, laptop, etc. to the MDM console or server?

The MDM software logs the overall security and health status of the device.

Does the MDM Agent encrypt the phone?

No, MDM does not encrypt the device. The operating system encrypts the device. MDM requires the device to be encrypted.

Can all versions of Android Encrypt?

No, encryption is only available on Android versions 3.0 and up. If the Android operating system is lower than Android v3.0, it will NOT be able to encrypt.

Should I use a personal or create a new account for Apple Store, Android Marketplace, etc. accounts that are required to activate my mobile devices?

This is a personal decision. There is no connection made between your Apple/Google ID and MDM, other than needing to download the Air Watch Agent app.

Do I need to keep a current credit card on file with my Apple IDs or my Marketplace IDs?

No. Please see these instructions on removing your credit card: CLICK HERE

Will anyone in management be enabled to “wipe” or reset my phone to factory defaults for “State provided” mobile devices?

No. Unless the department elects to have a local Administrator, at which point they will have the same level of access you do through the Self Service Portal.

Should I enable the “Find My iPhone” application on iPhones running IOS 7.x?

This is a personal decision. It does increase the security of a lost or stolen device, but could be a hindrance to redistribute the device if it was handed back and the Find My iPhone app was not turned off.

Who or what group will be reviewing the information that my mobile device sends to the server? How often will it be reviewed? and what actions should I expect from management and MDM Administrators regarding my usage of the mobile devices?

You, as the device Administrator will be reviewing this information. A department Administrator could review this information for reporting purposes.

If my mobile device is lost or stolen, what role will MDM play and how will this process be initiated?

MDM does not replace your department’s current Mobile Device policy and procedures for lost/stolen mobile devices. MDM is a tool which can assist in locating the device (if location services are enabled) by going to,
click on “Location”.

Will MDM be active when I travel and will it impact my ability to use the phone while travelling?

MDM’s day to day function will be the same whether you are at work or abroad and will not impact your ability to use the phone.

If I choose not to install the MDM Agent on my personal phone what will be the impact?

You will not be able to access the States internal network (UWDN) or State resources (including State email).

If I choose to install the MDM Agent on my personally owned mobile devices can MDM Administrators wipe the phone or set it back to default factory settings?


Does MDM backup the data on the phone?

No, this is a personal responsibility.

How long is the logging and data collected from the mobile devices stored on the server? And will I have the ability to get this information about my own device with a ServiceNow ticket?

Logged information is automatically deleted after 30 days. Through the Self Service Portal you can access the logged information on the “Event Log” tab.

When I cease working for the State and I have a personal phone with MDM installed, what are the instructions for the removal of MDM from my devices?

The instructions to remove MDM can be found at Remove AirWatch.

When I terminate my employment with the State of Utah and I have a “State provided” mobile device, what are my procedures for turning in my equipment? Do I need to surrender or provide the Apple ID or Marketplace account information to my supervisor?

MDM does not replace your department’s current Mobile Device policy and procedures with regard to handing back a phone. Once the device has been turned in and unenrolled with MDM, it will need to be enrolled again with for the new user.

For State provided mobile devices that I have purchased Apps, Music, Books, etc. online will there be instructions for transferring those purchases to my own personal devices?

No. The State supports state owned devices and content.

Will all or any, of my actions on the mobile devices be recorded or logged?

MDM logs hardware and basic device information.

Will the MDM product secure the transmission of data to and from my mobile devices so that I can use ePHI and PII data on my phone?

No. MDM does not work with the transmission of data.

When the restrictions for MDM are enabled, if I have not registered my device, what should I expect to happen with the use of my mobile devices?

Once MDM is enabled for your department, if the device has not been registered, it will not be able to connect to the states internal wireless network (UWDN) or the States email system.

If in the process of installing the MDM product I lose data, contacts, calendars, etc. on the phone will MDM allow me the ability to recover that lost data?

No. It is advised that before performing ANY and ALL functions on your device (even system updates), that you backup your device.

Before installing the MDM product how do I backup or store information from my State provided mobile devices so that I can recover if there are issues with the install?

All state information (Email, Contacts and Calendars) is stored in Google (if the device has been configured correctly). Therefore, if something happened to the device during enrolling, that vital information would not be lost. If
the Calendars and Contacts have been stored on the local device, please contact your HelpDesk support, they will be able to assist you in backing up your crucial State data.

Do I need MDM to use the state secured wireless (UWDN) for the browser access to email?

You need MDM to user the States secures wireless, but you do not need MDM or the States secured wireless to access email.

If I have sync all devices turned on will this install MDM on my personal home devices that do not connect to the State network?

Yes & No. It will install the App on your personal device, although it will NOT be registered with the MDM system. The MDM app is the same as any other app you install on your device.

Can MDM be removed?

Yes. Remove AirWatch

MDM Troubleshooting


Have you enrolled your device with MDM, but the AirWatch Agent and the App Catalog are missing? Take the following steps to solve that problem:

  1. Confirm there is an Apple ID setup on the device
  2. Close down all open applications
  3. Remove the MDM profile in settings > general > profile > MDM….V/5 > remove
  4. Hard reboot the device. While powered on,hold down the power button and the home button together and keep it held down UNTIL you see the Apple logo pop up on the screen, then release both buttons
  5. Attempt the enroll again (MDM Help & Registration)


Have you encrypted your device, but still not getting Access to your email? Make sure you have enrolled your device with MDM, then email, to request email access.

Are you having a hard time finding where to encrypt your device? Android devices that have Android version 2.3.6 and lower, are unable to encrypt (but can enroll with MDM). To find what version of Android OS you have, go to: Settings > About
Phone / Device > Android Version >

Is your Android notifying you that “Account Action Required” ? If so, you are required to install the Google Device Policy.