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Google Vault

Access and manage retained Google Workspace data with ease.

Sharing Drive Files

Share Google Drive files from your Desktop, Google Chat, and Gmail.

Creating Signatures

Craft one or more Gmail signatures simultaneously.

Vacation Replies

Need a out-of-office responder? Customize date ranges and response messages quickly.

Virtru for Gmail

Install, activate, and start sending encrypted emails with the Virtu Chrome extension.

Delegating Gmail

Learn how to grant and remove access to your Gmail account. Choose which permissions you delegate to users and how to modify them.

Sharing Calendars

Enable users to view, edit, or manage one or more of your calendars while adjusting their access at anytime.


Allow fellow participants to manage Meet’s with you. Tag team a presentation with Slides and work together for an engaging seminar.

Screen Sharing

Use screen sharing to collaborate on documents, presentations, and more.

Meet in Gmail

Launch a Meet instantly or schedule one for later directly from Gmail.


Generate meeting minutes and quickly find any word or section with built-in transcripts and closed captioning.

Q&A / Polls

Collect feedback and get to known your audience by customizing interactive questions and polls with ease.